How It Works

Heat and Moisture Transfer From High Concentration to Low Concentration Air Streams ConsERV offers a far superior AHRI certified effectiveness of total energy transfer than older fixed plate technology products. The HVAC system works more efficiently, saves energy while satisfying current and pending ASHRAE and government-mandated Fresh Air requirements (ASHRAE 90.1, 62.1, 62.2, IEEC 2006). The ConsERV core uses field-tested nanotechnology providing an exceptional total system effectiveness of greater than 65%. The ConsERV core is effective in both summer and winter conditions. ConsERV can transfer humidity (if needed) into the Fresh Air (FA) stream (winter conditions) and reduce moisture from the FA stream during periods of high outdoor humidity (summer conditions). ConsERV works year round providing maximum energy savings and comfort. ConsERV’s design and performance advantages provide an optimum solution for the return on invested capital with average payback ranging from immediate (new projects with downsized HVAC equipment) to five years (retrofit projects).

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