About ConsERV


ConsERV provides industry-changing, nanotechnology-based energy recovery ventilators (ERV) for light commercial, light industrial and commercial buildings. Using our patented Aqualyte nanomaterial we created the most efficient ERV. For 20 years ConsERV has been leading the Energy Recovery Market having the highest certified latent effectiveness in its class. ConsERV has sold tens of thousands ERVs sold around the world.

ConsERV™ has demonstrated the capabilities of proprietary nanotechnology materials and processes. Used in conjunction with other HVAC systems, ConsERV™ lowers capital and ongoing costs for ventilation air by as much as 30% while reducing the size of the equipment needed as well as the carbon footprint of Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) equipment by more than 50%.

Based in Tampa Bay, FL and founded in 1993, ConsERV has been awarded and recognized by third parties over the years. Here at ConsERV we believe the sky is the limit and our goal is to provide a product that makes a difference that puts us one step closer to a more sustainable future.

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