About Dais & ConsERV

Energy Recovery Ventilators

No other fixed-plate Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) deliver the performance of our patented ConsERV product while providing the required fresh air supply.


ConsERV's cores are AHRI-certified and ETL-listed guaranteeing their performance and industry compliance. To validate ConsERV's core performance you can visit the AHRI web site at ahridirectory.org, and the ETL web site at www.etl.com.



Dais Analytic Corporation provides industry-changing, nanotechnology-based applications for heating & cooling, water treatment, and energy storage. These applications are reshaping traditional notions of energy efficiency, economics, and eco-friendly products by both reducing environmental impact use while lowering costs.

Dais was incorporated in 1999 as a nanotechnology polymer materials and processes company. Located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, U.S.A, it is an OTC:BB listed company with the ticker “DLYT.”

Dais’ first product, the ConsERV™ energy recovery ventilator has demonstrated the capabilities of Dais proprietary nanotechnology materials and processes. Used in conjunction with air conditioners, ConsERV™ lowers capital and ongoing costs for ventilation air by as much as 30% while reducing the size of the equipment needed as well as the carbon footprint of Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) equipment by more than 50%. Dais products currently focus on three areas of applications for the nanotechnology polymer; heating & cooling (ConsERV and NanoAir), contaminated water cleaning (NanoClear), and energy storage (NanoCap).

  • ConsERV™ & NanoAir™ HVAC products: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  • NanoClear™ clean water systems: water treatment and desalination.
  • NanoCap™ ultracapacitor: energy storage in a battery form.

The Company has a number of US and foreign patents — and patents pending — on its materials, their composition and processes, and applications.

Based on market feedback Dais is positioned to have a substantial international impact in applied nanotechnology within the energy and water industries. Products incorporating Dais’ nanotechnology enable users to minimize consumption of irreplaceable natural resources and limit environmental destruction.

The Dais team feels it has a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to create a mega-business entity for the good of its investors, and the world’s population alike.

Air + Energy + Water. With nanotechnology, we believe Dais is poised for long term, sustainable growth.